21 Foods Where Sugar Deceptively Hides!


We all know that candy bars, donuts, and cakes are loaded with sugar. Sometimes we dig deep with resolve to say, "No thank you, I'm cutting back." While it's admirable that you are making an attempt to kick sugar out of your life, you may be eating more sugar than you think. Sugar is highly addictive and is added to what you eat by food moguls, not only to make things taste better, but to hook you into shoveling more into your mouth.  

Knowledge is the key to empowerment and change. Let's do a reality check and find out the surprising places sugar hides on your pantry shelf.

Use this formula for finding how much sugar is in a food item: 4 grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon. Ideally, the American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of 6 teaspoons of sugar for women and children and 9 teaspoons for men. Measuring and tracking sugars does not work for everyone. What works well for most is to raise your awareness to a conscious level, so...

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